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Childhood Advisory Council Committees

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CAC Committees

Much of the work of the CAC (LPC) is achieved through the Committees and Associate Committees, as described below. All CAC Members must serve on at least one Committee, though membership to the Committees is open to anyone who is interested. Please contact LPC staff if you are interested in joining an LPC Committee or Associate Committee.

Inclusive Early Education Expansion Program Leadership Team Committee

The main objective of the IEEEP program is to expand inclusive Early Learning and Care (ELC) programs in low-income and high-need communities for children with disabilities, including children with severe disabilities. The SCCOE IEEEP Consortium members are located across Santa Cruz County. As a result of program implementation, children with disabilities, including those with severe disabilities, will have greater rates of enrollment in the ELC programs across Santa Cruz County. Project activities will increase access and build capacity for inclusive ELC programs as a result of establishing partnerships with community agencies that will advise project implementation and support sustainability after the grant period ends. The SCCOE IEEEP Consortium plans to serve children with disabilities in proportion to their rate of identification in the region. 


This group of contract administrators is charged with problem solving and planning for the stabilization of CDE child care to maximize the use of CDE subsidized child care funding countywide. Additionally, the goal of the group is to advocate for quality improvement, access, and build partnerships among state subsidized child care providers in Santa Cruz County. Finally, the group serves all state subsidized child care providers through networking and sharing resources.

State Subsidized Child Care Pilot Plan Committee – Associate Committee

This group of CDE contract administrators participating in the state subsidized pilot plan meet to discuss the initial design modifications and greater implementation and access to CDE funded child care programs in the county. Over the years, contract language modifications have supported continuity of care for young children and lessened the administrative burden for CDE programs. Pilot Plan discussion is included on the Subsidized Programs Consortium agenda.

QCC Universal Preschool (UPK) Mixed Delivery Workgroup Grant – Associate Committee

This single working group of early care and education, school district, representatives from the county offices of education, and higher education will plan for the provision of high-quality universal preschool options for three and four-year-old children, through a mixed-delivery system that ensures access to high-quality full and part-day learning experiences, coordinated services, and referrals for families to access health and social-emotional support services. Indicators of quality shall be determined by the Superintendent pursuant to Section 8203. The group also creates a plan for increasing inclusion of children with exceptional needs in universal preschool.